So you’re looking to replace your Steam Controller buttons with something new and unique. You’re in the right place! If you haven’t gotten a set of replacement buttons yet head over here. If you have already well… Thanks!

Let’s dive in.

  • Grab your Screwdriver that comes included with your button set. Flip your controller over and remove the back panel / any batteries you may have installed.

  • Unscrew the 7 screws located in the image above. There are two different sized screws used in the Steam Controller. In this guide short screws will be indicated in Red, while long screws will be indicated in Blue. Sidenote: I like to cut the sticker with an exacto knife to reveal the three hidden screws in the middle.

  • Flip your controller over before you pull it apart. Then gently separate the front faceplate from the back.

  • Take note of everything highlighted here in green; and reference this image if anything falls out. All of these parts can fall out when you separate the two halves of the controller. Flipping the controller in the previous step increases the chance that these will stay put. Also take note of the small spring indicated with the arrow in the image above, as it’s easy to misplace.

  • Flip the front of the controller one more time so you are looking at the motherboard. From here you will remove the 4 screws highlighted in the image above. All 4 of these screws are long.

  • Slowly lift up from the bottom of the motherboard; then carefully unplug the two ribbon cables indicated in the image above.

  • You made it! 🎉 Remove the rubber membrane to get access to the buttons.


The last step is to simply install each replacement button into the appropriate spot on the controller. One thing to note: The start and back buttons are not identical. Each arrow should be facing the correct way when you flip the controller over; and they are both designed to only fit in one way. Use this image for reference and take note of the slanted direction of the buttons using this image for reference.

Simply repeat this guide in reverse order for reassembly, then game on!