Where did the paint go?

As much as I love painting I'm currently not taking any paint work at this time. Our paintbooth is still in Philly and I have moved and am yet to secure a shop space to continue painting.  Sorry for the inconvenience!  I DO plan on reviving the paintwork in the future, it's still my passion!  

I placed an order, now what?

All TouchProtect orders typically ship within a day or two of ordering.  If there is ever any event to cause a delay you will be notified via email.  If we go out of town etc there will be a notice on top of our site letting you know there may be a delay with shipments. 

Why is US shipping so expensive?

We dabbled with cheaper shipping options in the past (basically the equivalent of a stamp with an envelope on it) and found that we were sending out too many replacement orders for lost shipments, people were very unhappy and the problem was out of our control.  Unfortunately the USPS doesn't offer some sort of middle ground between basic shipping and Priority mail.  We hate this situation as much as you do. 

We decided to stick with Priority mail due to it's reliability, ability to give you guys a tracking number, and dependability.  Everyone is used to Amazon Prime these days and the ability to get your orders to you within 2-3 days is huge.  Every couple of months we reach out to our commercial shipping account with USPS to try and negotiate a better deal so we can get this lowered and pass the savings on to you.  We make no extra money off of shipping.  

Where is my order?

If you have received a shipment email and haven't gotten your product within a week please reach out.  We can't keep track of every order and occasionally the post office misplaces things or they get stuck in customs. 

Do you sponsor?

If we find someone that we would like to endorse we will reach out to them.  We look for people that are actively engaged with their fans and that are already building up their own brand and presence online.  We look for consistency, maturity, and people with a substantial following with what they are doing.  We also want someone who knows what our company stands for and that will mesh well with us.  We aren't in a rush to build a team, this selection process is a very exclusive one.  If you are tweeting out every company on the planet asking for sponsorship we most likely aren't the kind of company for you.  

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. Some countries may not apply.

Is my information safe with you?

All of our payment processing is done through stripe.  You can read about their strict security policies here.  We do not share your information with anybody and we never will. 


More will be added to this FAQ as time goes on.  Have a question? Feel free to use our Contact us page