Can I send in my own controller?

At this time we cannot accept controllers being sent in.  Used controllers require extra prep time due to skin oils interfering with the chemicals in our paint.  We are a small team and every second counts! 

I placed an order, now what?

After you place your order you will receive a receipt in your email.  Each controller is made to order and hand painted.  Please allow 3-5 weeks for your order to be made before it ships.  There is a chance that your controller may ship before this timeframe.  It all depends on our current volume.  In case of a heavy volume of orders this number may increase, you will be notified via email.  Once your order has shipped you will receive a tracking number in your email.  Please be patient as we have a very small team!

Do you sponsor?

If we find someone that we would like to endorse we will reach out to them.  We look for people that are actively engaged with their fans and that are already building up their own brand and presence online.  We look for consistency, maturity, and people with a substantial following with what they are doing.  We also want someone who knows what our company stands for and that will mesh well with us.  We aren't in a rush to build a team, this selection process is a very exclusive one.  If you are tweeting out every company on the planet asking for sponsorship we most likely aren't the kind of company for you.  

Do you do custom orders?

We selectively do.  If you are interested in a custom order for your brand or business, feel free to reach out.  Please note: Custom work requires more time and attention, we reserve the right to turn down custom requests.  

Do you have a warranty?

Each controller comes with a 30 day warranty against manufacturing defects.  We reserve the right to inspect the controller for evidence of tampering or negligence.  If warranty seal is broken or tampered with we reserve the right to revoke all warranties.

Do you do Xbox One Elite controllers?

We do not. Due to low inventory and some quality control issues on Microsoft's end we do not offer XB1 Elite controllers at this time.  We do however have Elite thumbsticks compatible with any XB1/PS4 order. 

Do you sell PS3, WII, Gamecube, Xbox 360 controllers? How about ____? Paint my house!

Our primary focus is on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam controllers at this time.

How do you ship?

We ship via USPS Priority Mail. We have found it to be the fastest, most consistent, and most reliable way to ship.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. Some countries may not apply.

Is my information safe with you?

All of our payment processing is done through stripe.  You can read about their strict security policies here.  We do not share your information with anybody and we never will. 



More will be added to this FAQ as time goes on.  Have a question? Feel free to use our Contact us page