What TouchProtect is right for you?

We offer a lot of different options at this point and want to make sure you pick the right TouchProtect to suit your gaming (or aesthetic) needs.   First question you should ask yourself is, what are you trying to achieve with your trackpads?  Are you going for looks and style, or for overall feel?

TouchProtect were originally designed to modify the way the trackpads feel on the Steam Controller.  I wanted some variety and there was nothing out there to make that a reality.  Lets dive in to some descriptions of how each one feels:

Sleek and smooth: 

  • Satin - These were designed to create a smooth surface while improving the overall look of the Steam Controller.  Our smoothest option available.  Comparable to the feel of the newest Macbook trackpad.
  • Wood - A smooth but subtle texture that mimics wood grain. The exclusive TouchProtect backed by existentialegg. 
  • Mirage - These have a very fine and subtle texture.  You'll feel the ridges in the camo pattern gliding against your thumbprints.  

A little more texture: 

  • Web -  These are a step up in texture from the Satin and wood lines.  They consist of a smooth bottom layer and a textured top that isn't too pronounced.  (Note: The texture is unique and non-repeating.  Some people prefer this, as they memorize what part of the pattern is where in relation to the center of the trackpad.)  If you are looking for something with a consistent repeating pattern jump on over to the Carbon line.
  • Carbon - The original TouchProtect that started it all.  Carbon offers a consistent texture throughout and has a noticeable but not too crazy jump up in texture from the smoother textures mentioned above. 
  •  Lux -  A big but relatively consistent pattern.  These feel like a bigger or more "zoomed in" version of the carbon pattern.  These have a little bit of grip to them as well. 

The most texture: 

  • Cell - These have more texture than any of the previously mentioned lines.  They feel "dry" but not in a bad sandpaper way.  Consistent relatively small pattern that still allows your finger to glide.
  • Hex -  The hex has a very unique feel.  They consist of a big overall pattern with little cross hatched patterns inside.  These are my personal favorite and do provide a lot of texture and feedback.  The pattern is repeating so it feels consistent.  They are raised slightly more than the Cell pattern and the pattern itself is a tad bigger as well. 
  • Wild - Our most noticeable texture.  The pattern on these are pretty pronounced.  The texture on them is raised more than all of the previously mentioned textures.  Each wild TouchProtect is different, and can be placed vertically, horizontally, or at an angle depending on your preference.