Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

ASTERIOD // Artisan Steam Controller Buttons


That’s the number of tries it took to get these right. That’s 91 individual buttons, 91(+) individual tiny rocks placed in a mold with tweezers, and tons and tons of hours of pouring, mixing, throwing these in and out of a pressure pot, etc..

While some of our buttons can be made with a single mix/pour these buttons cannot due to the amount of layers involved. Each layer has a purpose and each layer needs to be poured and cured separately. For context the cure time is an hour per layer. Some layers have special pigments added in to give certain effects.

Prepping the rocks:


Each rock starts off from a much bigger rock that I hammer down. From there I break apart each piece by hand to make them fit in each button spot in the molds. Safe to say my fingers aren’t the softest anymore!



I knew that I wanted to do something creative with the photography on these ones. I went with 3 lights, some dry ice, some potting soil, and the bigger rocks that I will end up breaking up later to make more buttons. All of this on a piece of glass over a black sheet. My goal was to make them look like they were in space / on the moon or something. The gallery below has some of the final shots as well as a random unedited shot.


I’m not sure why I wanted to spend so much time on these. I make things that I like and personally want to use. Truth be told there isn’t a huge market for Artisan Steam Controller buttons (yet??). It’s hard to make your own thing that nobody has made before; yet nobody has particularly asked for either. Hopefully someone out there digs these as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by!

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PAX East Recap: What a weekend!

Our journey started off rough; we left Philadelphia with heavy rainfall that was supposed to turn into snow later in the evening.  We encountered lots of bad weather and traffic that night, then made it to our stopping point for the night. 


We woke up to some snow, but it wasn't too bad. As we got closer to Boston we started seeing people noticing the vinyl on our car.  They were holding up their Pax badges, honking, waving, you name it!  We even met a couple of people when we stopped to fuel up.  One thing I always liked about PAX is how friendly the community of attendees is. 


We made it to our hotel, and had a bit of prep to do before hitting the show floor the next day.  Packing bags, organizing things, etc..

It felt good to see this sign again. 

Here we are!  We both somehow happened to pack red pants so we ran with it.  I'm sure nobody even noticed with the sea of amazing cosplay out there.

The show floor felt a bit more spread out this year.  Some people complained about the lack of big names this year, but I found there was still plenty of booths to explore.

Our first stop was to head over to Kobra Kawaii booth to drop off the controller we made them.  I met Chris from Kobra last year at PAX and kept in touch throughout the year.  He's a great dude with an awesome clothing company that you should definitely check out. 

alienware booth pax east 2015

The Alienware booth was pretty flashy, they had a huge truck with tons of lights in it.  But who are we to complain? Our car is chameleon colored.

The most important part of their booth was getting our hands on this controller.  The steam controller feels great, the touch pads don't take away from the controls like I had imagined.  I checked to see what kind of screws hold this thing together, and can't wait to take it apart once one of us gets our hands on one. 

blizzard pax east 2015 overwatch

Blizzard impressed us with Overwatch.  We didn't actually end up waiting in line for it, but spent a good 20 miniutes watching the footage on their big screens.  

eating at pax east 2015

Typical Pax East seating situation

pax east cosplay 2015

The cosplay was top notch.  Can you imagine carrying that gun around all day?? 


We walked the show floor for a while before heading to the board game area.  I managed to find a copy of Sushi Go! Which I discovered last year at Pax.  This game was just launched last year and hard to find for the majority of the year.  I snagged it the second I saw it.  After some more hangs, and exploration we called it a night and headed back to the hotel. 

pax east halo 5 2015

Day 2.  Did anybody wait in line for Halo 5? 

Fable Legends Pax East 2015

Saw people playing Fable Legends.  I've played Fable since the first one, but am not sure how I feel about Legends being Free to play.  I'll give it a shot before knocking it.  That guy on the right threw us bracelets! 

Supernova xbox one pax east 2015

Met up with instagrammer @brokentoyplanes.  She bought the Supernova controller we were carrying around.  Thanks Kat! 

The rest of the day was filled with a couple of panels and some show floor exploration. 

streetpass at pax east 2015

It also wouldn't be a Pax without clearing out streetpasses in the handheld lounge. 

That night we headed out to Cambridge to grab some much needed food with the Kobra crew. 

We even celebrated a birthday!

DAY 3:

I always make it a point to stop at the Mega64 booth for a photo and to grab a shirt or two.  This year's was pretty good. 

...and here is last years. 

The highlight of Sunday was hands down the Kinda Funny panel.  I have been a big fan of the guys in Kinda Funny for years, and wanted to make them a gift as a thank you. Read all about the Kinda Funny controller by clicking this link. I posted this on instagram while watching their panel trying to decide if I should go up to the mic to give it to them or wait and try to catch them afterwards.

Greg miller pax east 2015

I managed to personally hand Greg Miller the controller.  He seemed genuinely excited about it, and I managed to fumble through some sentences thanking him and everyone else for the years of content and entertainment.  I left feeling extremely excited that him and the rest of the guys could enjoy something I worked hard on.  


The rest of the day was spent seeing the last things we all wanted to, grabbing last minute merch, and saying bye to friends and partners.  We played a bit of cards against humanity after the show floor closed, then said our final goodbyes and started the long drive home.  Can't wait for next year!