Behind The Scenes

ASTERIOD // Artisan Steam Controller Buttons


That’s the number of tries it took to get these right. That’s 91 individual buttons, 91(+) individual tiny rocks placed in a mold with tweezers, and tons and tons of hours of pouring, mixing, throwing these in and out of a pressure pot, etc..

While some of our buttons can be made with a single mix/pour these buttons cannot due to the amount of layers involved. Each layer has a purpose and each layer needs to be poured and cured separately. For context the cure time is an hour per layer. Some layers have special pigments added in to give certain effects.

Prepping the rocks:


Each rock starts off from a much bigger rock that I hammer down. From there I break apart each piece by hand to make them fit in each button spot in the molds. Safe to say my fingers aren’t the softest anymore!



I knew that I wanted to do something creative with the photography on these ones. I went with 3 lights, some dry ice, some potting soil, and the bigger rocks that I will end up breaking up later to make more buttons. All of this on a piece of glass over a black sheet. My goal was to make them look like they were in space / on the moon or something. The gallery below has some of the final shots as well as a random unedited shot.


I’m not sure why I wanted to spend so much time on these. I make things that I like and personally want to use. Truth be told there isn’t a huge market for Artisan Steam Controller buttons (yet??). It’s hard to make your own thing that nobody has made before; yet nobody has particularly asked for either. Hopefully someone out there digs these as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by!