Kinda Funny Controller

The Kinda Funny Controller

Kinda Funny custom ps4 controller @coloredcontrollers

Here it is.  The controller I made for Kinda Funny.  

This came about as I was listening to the gameovergreggy show while down in the studio working on controllers.  I had realized how many years it's been since I had started listening to podcasts of his.  I had already backed them on patreon but wanted something more tangible to give them.  That's when I decided to make them a controller. 

kinda funny ps4 controller

Here it is starting to get a coat of pearlized white.  I wanted the logos to look crisp, and have a hint of pearlescent to them without being too flashy. 

kinda funny controller ps4

Not many people know this, but all of the paint on this controller was hand mixed.  I wanted to make sure it was the exact color I saw Kinda Funny use for their logos and branding online. One of the best things about our paint is that we have complete control of what the final outcome will look be.  This particular color is a blending of a couple of different paints and pearl pigments to create a slightly pearlized blue.  The ratio of pearls to paint is lower in this blend, as I wanted it to be subtle but still add some sheen in certain light.

kinda funny controller ps4

And here is everything curing before clear coating and reassembly.  This controller was really fun to make; and the reaction Greg had when presenting it to him was awesome! 


For those of you asking about where to buy this controller:  I have reached out to the KF crew to see if it would be something they are interested in.  But with that being said; it wouldn't be fair of us to sell anything with their branding on it without their permission or partnership.  As a fellow Kinda Funny fan I'm sure that's not the answer everyone was looking for.. but it's all we can do for now.  I've read every tweet and comment and really appreciate the love shown for this controller!