Product Launch

Touch Protect gets a facelift

In the past when you ordered a TouchProtect, it was either loose in the box your controller came in, or preinstalled on your controller.  We really love the TouchProtect and decided that it deserved something better.  We are pleased to announce that the TouchProtect now comes with it's own packaging, and a spiffy new logo to boot. 

The TouchProtect came about when a friend of ours had a scratched touchpad on his dualshock 4.  We realized the second your touchpad gets scratched it's a huge annoyance.  There's no better way to get pulled from the immersion in your game than to run your finger across a deep scratch.   From there the TouchProtect was born.  The TouchProtect offers a premium tactile feel, and protection for the touchpad of your controller.  To celebrate our TouchProtect are currently on sale!